The Vertical Garden is a live wall painting that will delight your friends, customers, or                                                     business partners.

Vertical garden is a herbal, waterproof floral wall. Watering, which runs through the entire back of the vertical panel, the channel system moves from the opening on the upper left side. The water tank is completed once a week. In the event that plants require more moisture, water can be added directly to the pot.

The vertical garden can not replace the Maldives but it can bring the spirit of the exotic into your apartment. It should not be forgotten, however, that the plant requires attention, patience and attachment. Anyone who likes to have flowers, and does not know how to keep it, must be driven by not so great theoretical, and then with practical knowledge. It is important to awaken an interior designer and make his ideal combination of herbs.

In the form of a vertical garden, all indoor plants can be grown, they are only more resistant and require less care, and others are more demanding and require special conditions. The plant must not be too big or too small in relation to the pot. If the plants grow outward, the roots are limited by the volume of the pots. Carrots should be trimmed during planting, as then the plants will have enough space for water and fertilizer.

     If you thought you could not have a plant wall in your home and just take care of it, the vertical garden is a product that will                                                                     eliminate all your doubts.


              Ease of maintenance and easy planting contribute to the popularity of this product for indoor and outdoor use.


Adiantum; Ferns; Begonias; Tradescantia; Asparagus; Saintpolia; Fittonia; Spider plant (Chlorophytum); Golden pothos (Scindapsus); English ivy (Hedera); Oakleaf ivy (Cissus); Croton (Codiaeum); Ficus benjamina; Ficus pumilla; Kalanchoé; Schlumbergera; Maranta; Pellea; Pepperomia; Schefflera; Dracaenas (Lots of species); Heart-leaf Philodendron; Bamboo palm (Chamaedorea); Dumb cane (Dieffenbacchia); Soleirolia; Hypoeste; Snake plant (Sanseviera); Asplénium; Peace lily (Spathiphyllum); Carnivorous plantsa; Orchidees; Syngonium; Epyphytes; Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema); Gerbera daisy; Rhipsalis

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